How To Grow A Planet
Ep: 1 "Life from Light"
Plants are a silent power that have shaped the Earth, creating our atmosphere and driving the evolution of every single animal in the world – including us. In this fascinating three-part series, geologist Iain Stewart tells an epic tale that stretches across half a billion years – the story of how plants have, time and again, set the agenda for life and growth on our planet.
Ep 1
Life from Light
Watch Until April 13, 3:00am
Ep 2
The Power of Flowers
Watch Until April 20, 3:00am
Ep 3
The Challenger
Watch March 28, 3:00am
Life from Light
Professor Iain Stewart journeys from the spectacular caves of Vietnam to the remote deserts of Africa. He sees how plants first harnessed light from the sun and created our life-giving atmosphere. (1 of 3)
The Power of Flowers
Iain Stewart journeys to the remote islands of the South Pacific to track down the earliest flowers. In the deserts of Africa and rainforests of Vietnam, he sees how they brought brilliant colour to the most barren landscapes and sculpted the earth itself. (2 of 3)
The Challenger
A look at how grass transformed life in the oceans. In the ruins of the oldest temple on Earth, Iain tells the extraordinary story of how grass triggered human civilization. (3 of 3)
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Tue Mar 28, 3:00am