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The Inspector Lynley Mysteries
Season 5: Ep: 1 "Natural Causes"
Four intriguing new murder cases mark the return of Inspector Lynley and Sergeant Havers, Elizabeth George's crime-cracking duo from opposite sides of the track. This season, Lynley is dealing with a disciplinary hearing, leaving Havers to tackle with a new case and different partner. Together, they're on the hunt for a killer in the countryside.
Ep 1
Natural Causes
Watch Until December 28, 1:00am
Ep 2
One Guilty Deed
Watch Until January 4, 1:00am
Ep 3
Chinese Walls
Watch Until January 11, 1:00am
Ep 4
In the Blink of an Eye
Watch December 19, 1:00am
Natural Causes
Since Lynley's arrest and suspension for threatening a suspect, Havers has been partnered with Detective Inspector Fiona Knight. Together they investigate the murder of Edie Covington, found dead in her car in a lake. (1 of 4)
One Guilty Deed
Lynley, Havers and DC Winston Nkata are close to bringing down organized crime boss Michael Shand, but then their informant Roger Pollard is shot dead. The ensuing investigation suggests there is more to the shooting than meets the eye. (2 of 4)
Chinese Walls
Lynley and Havers are catapulted into the bizarre world of Internet vice when they investigate the brutal death of Emily Proctor, an aspiring lawyer. (3 of 4)
In the Blink of an Eye
Lynley and Havers investigate the death of paparazzo photographer Peter Rooker, who was found beaten and shot in Soho, London. (4 of 4)
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Tue Dec 19, 1:00am