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Joanna Lumley: Cat Woman
Ep: 1 "Joanna Lumley: Cat Woman"
From lions and tigers to cougars and kittens, people the world over simply love cats. Joanna sets out to unravel the secrets of our 5,000-year-old fascination with felines, examining their god-like status in ancient Egypt, their persecution in the Middle Ages, and their proliferation in the twentieth century. Travelling the globe, Joanna charts the evolution of the species from one common ancestor and explores the unique, peculiar relationship we have with our number one pet.
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Joanna Lumley: Cat Woman
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Joanna Lumley: Cat Woman
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Joanna Lumley: Cat Woman
Joanna Lumley travels the world to explore the history of cats in different cultures and mythology. Her first stop is the world's biggest cat festival in Belgium. She then moves on to Cairo, where she learns about a feline goddess worshipped by the Egyptians. (1 of 2)
Joanna Lumley: Cat Woman
Joanna Lumley explores the diverse role of cats in the human world, visiting a Chicago cat circus to watch feline performers in action. She learns about munchkins-a genetically manipulated breed with unusually short legs, and then heads to California to meet film star and Shambala Preserve founder Tippi Hedren, who discusses her work. (2 of 2)
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