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Season 2: Ep: 1 "Life Born Of Fire"
Inspector Lewis and his partner Sergeant Hathaway are back with four twisting new thrillers, and this time their personal connections to their work threaten to expose more than a killer.
Ep 1
Life Born Of Fire
Watch Until February 28, 12:00am
Ep 2
And The Moon Beams Kiss The Sea
Watch Until March 7, 12:00am
Ep 3
Music To Die For
Watch Until March 14, 12:00am
Ep 4
The Great And The Good
Watch Until March 21, 12:00am
Life Born Of Fire
Will McEwan staggers into a church and takes his own life at the altar. What would lead a young and faithful man to such desparation? Lewis and Hathaway launch an investigation. (1 of 4)
And The Moon Beams Kiss The Sea
In the basement of Oxford's Bodleian Library, a man is found shot in the head. Lewis and Hathaway's investigation takes them into the secrets of Oxford life. (2 of 4)
Music To Die For
An Oxford lecturer gets in a fight outside an exclusive member's club, and is then found strangled by a boxer's hand wrap. Lewis and Hathaway are brought in to investigate what appears to be a burglary gone wrong. (3 of 4)
The Great And The Good
A teenage girl is found dazed in a field with no recollection of what happened to her. But forensic evidence proves that she has been drugged and raped. (4 of 4)