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Lost Kingdoms of Africa
Season 2: Ep: 1 "The Kingdom of Asante"
Art historian Dr. Gus Casely-Hayford returns to Africa to explore four of its once-powerful civilizations: Asante, Zulu, the Berbers of Morocco, and the Bunyoro and Buganda. As he uncovers fascinating stories of military might, immense wealth, and exquisite art, Gus shows that these “lost kingdoms” are still very much alive.


Ep 1
The Kingdom of Asante
Watch Until March 3, 1:00am
Ep 2
The Zulu Kingdom
Watch Until March 10, 1:00am
Ep 3
The Berber Kingdom of Morocco
Watch Until March 17, 1:00am
Ep 4
The Kingdoms of Bunyoro & Buganda
Watch February 21, 9:00pm
The Kingdom of Asante
Dr. Gus Casely-Hayford travels to Ghana in West Africa, where a powerful kingdom once dominated the region. Asante was built on gold and slaves, and played a pivotal role in commerce that linked three continents. (1 of 4)
The Zulu Kingdom
Dr. Gus Casely-Hayford examines the origins of the Zulu in the 17th century, their expansion under controversial military leader King Shaka and their brutal encounters with the Boers and the British. (2 of 4)
The Berber Kingdom of Morocco
Dr. Gus Casely-Hayford visits the land that is now Morocco, once the centre of a vast kingdom created by the indigenous African Berbers that stretched from northern Spain to the heart of West Africa. (3 of 4)
The Kingdoms of Bunyoro & Buganda
Dr. Casely-Hayford travels to Uganda to explore the rise and fall of two great kingdoms. He goes in search of the reasons for a dramatic reversal of fortunes, and how one kingdom used the arrival of Europeans to its own advantage. (4 of 4)
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Wed Feb 21, 9:00pm
Thu Feb 22, 1:00am