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Miss Marple
Season 6: Ep: 1 "A Caribbean Mystery"
Although her eyes twinkle, they don't miss a clue. Join Miss Marple as she solves thrilling mysteries set in 1950s England and the sunny Caribbean. This time around, Miss Marple tackles the mystery of a gypsy's curse, a series of murders in Greenshaw's Folly and a murder abroad.
Ep 1
A Caribbean Mystery
Watch Until December 6, 12:00am
Ep 2
Greenshaw's Folly
Watch Until December 13, 12:00am
Ep 3
Endless Night
Watch Until December 20, 12:00am
A Caribbean Mystery
There's no vacation from murder as Miss Marple finds herself wrapped up in a mysterious death while in the Caribbean. Can she unravel a web of dark magic and deceit to solve the case? (1 of 3)
Greenshaw's Folly
When a desperate young mother awakens Miss Marple in the middle of the night, the kindly sleuth helps her and her son find refuge at a nearby country house. As bodies start piling up, it turns out the strange, labyrinthine building may not be the safest place after all. (2 of 3)
Endless Night
On a visit to a recently widowed friend, Miss Marple meets a chauffeur with big dreams for his future. He marries the perfect girl, builds a beautiful home, and seems on track for the life he has always wanted. Then people start dying. (3 of 3)