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National Geographic Specials - Mega Bridges
Ep: 1 "Greece"
Discover some of the most amazing bridges on the planet. From Greece and China to Denmark and Sweden, this series explores the enormous challenges of building these structures, and the elements that make them work. Each episode takes an in-depth look at these engineering triumphs, uncovering the high stakes involved in building the world's largest, most complex bridges.
Ep 1
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Ep 2
Denmark to Sweden
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Ep 3
Watch Until March 19, 4:00pm
Explore the challenges of building the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world - the Rion-Antirion Bridge in Greece.
Denmark to Sweden
Explore the engineering behind the Oresund Bridge linking Malmo, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark.
We travel to China to witness one of the greatest bridge building booms of all time. Two ultimate bridges have their home here: The Lupu - the longest arch bridge in the world and the Runyang - the largest suspension bridge in China.