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Silent Witness
Season 4: Ep: 1 "Gone Tomorrow"
She's sharp as a scalpel and as relentless as the killers whose cruel handiwork she examines. Forensic pathologist Sam Ryan (Amanda Burton) will not rest until she has solves the mystery of how and why the person before her died. In season four, Sam’s reputation for tenacity precedes her when she moves from Cambridge to a teaching post at London University. Her forensic skills are still very much in demand, and she finds herself consulting on a number of unusual and high-profile cases.
Ep 1
Gone Tomorrow
Watch Until August 7, 1:00am
Ep 2
A Kind of Justice
Watch Until August 14, 1:00am
Ep 3
A Good Body
Watch July 21, 9:00pm
Gone Tomorrow
Top pathologist Sam Ryan is now a professor teaching at London University. Sam is called in to examine the bodies recovered from a fatal helicopter crash that killed 16 people at a gas rig. (1 of 3)
A Kind of Justice
The chief suspect of a gangland murder gives himself up, fearing the victim's family will take revenge, and it is left to Sam to prove his innocence. (2 of 3)
A Good Body
When a dozen people die in a cinema fire, DCI Michael Connor turns to Sam Ryan for help. (3 of 3)
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Fri Jul 21, 9:00pm
Sat Jul 22, 1:00am

Actor Amanda Burton on How to Be, Play and Raise Strong Women

Amanda Burton’s made a habit of playing smart, serious leads. She’s been a crown prosecutor, a police commander, and from 1996 – 2004, she played forensic pathologist Sam Ryan on Silent Witness. Refreshingly, her character’s looks and sex life didn’t own the storyline: instead, the focus was on the skilled and compassionate work she did to solve murders. In 2002, a writer for The Telegraph described the Irish actor as “the most envied woman in Britain… the person that most women in the country would like to resemble.”

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