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Silent Witness
Season 9: Ep: 1 "Ghosts"
Following the departure of Sam Ryan, the forensic pathology department is now headed by Professor Leo Dalton, working alongside Doctors Harrey Cunningham and new recruit Nikki Alexander. Together they work to solve a series of complex and mysterious deaths, of which there never seems to be an end.
Ep 1
Watch Until December 11, 1:00am
Ep 2
Watch Until December 18, 1:00am
Ep 3
The Meaning of Death
Watch November 24, 9:00pm
Ep 4
Mind and Body
Watch December 1, 9:00pm
Leo finds himself at odds with the Sheffield police following a personal tragedy. In London, Nikki tries to identify two murdered women. (1 of 4)
A submachine gun attack on a group of teenagers outside a London nightclub brings the team into unfamiliar territory. (2 of 4)
The Meaning of Death
After Nikki's grandmother dies, she questions whether pathology is the right career for her. Meanwhile, the team investigates a case where a woman appears to have drowned in three inches of water. (3 of 4)
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Fri Nov 24, 9:00pm
Sat Nov 25, 1:00am
Mind and Body
The team investigate a series of strange violent deaths, ranging from a violent frenzy on a high street to several suicides. (4 of 4)
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Fri Dec 1, 9:00pm
Sat Dec 2, 1:00am