Singapore 1942: End of Empire |
Singapore 1942: End of Empire
Ep: 1 "Part 1"
Today Singapore is a modern and cosmopolitan city, but 71 years ago its citizens suffered one of the most bitter and brutal campaigns of WWII. The fall of Singapore shattered myths, brought an empire to its knees, and changed the destiny of millions of people. This two-part documentary, told from a multi-national perspective and featuring archival footage and dramatic recreations, reveals new and challenging insights into a battle that turned the world upside down. Shot in key locations, the documentary includes first-hand accounts from surviving soldiers, airmen, nurses and civilians.
Ep 1
Part 1
Watch Until October 19, 4:00am
Ep 2
Part 2
Watch Until October 26, 4:00am
Part 1
Two - part docu-drama tells the story of the fall of Singapore in 1942. This episode looks at how Japan's lightning invasion of Malaya threatened the key British port of Singapore, igniting ethnic and political tensions. (1 of 2)
Part 2
Reveals how General Yamashita drove back Commonwealth forces and assembled his troops to take control of Singapore Island. (2 of 2)