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A Touch of Frost
Season 15: Ep: 1 "If Dogs Run Free Part 1"
Award-winning actor Sir David Jason returns as maverick Inspector Jack Frost in the final episodes of this acclaimed detective series. In the final two-part episode, a raid on a brutal dogfight has unexpected consequences. When the past catches up with Frost, it’s not certain that he will survive.
Ep 1
If Dogs Run Free Part 1
Watch Until October 1, 2:00am
Ep 2
If Dogs Run Free Part 2
Watch Until October 8, 2:00am
If Dogs Run Free Part 1
DI Jack Frost and his men assist RSPCA officer Christine Moorhead in taking down an illegal dog fighting ring led by its organizer Gerry Berland. (1 of 2)
If Dogs Run Free Part 2
The past is catching up in more ways than one as a series of copycat crimes convinces Superintendent Mullett that Frost's life is in danger. (2 of 2)