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Tudor Farm Christmas
In the Tudor era, Christmas was celebrated every bit as enthusiastically as it is today. Some customs are surprisingly familiar: they had Christmas carols, Christmas dinner and exchanged presents. But they also had the Lords of Misrule, ate boar’s head and had mutton as the main ingredient in their Christmas pudding. In this holiday special, Ruth Goodman, Tom Pinfold and Peter Ginn from Tudor Farm recreate the Yuletide customs of the age, from religious observance to rampant game-playing. As befits life on a Tudor farm, everything they need for the celebrations will be drawn from the land. They’ll revive lost skills to prepare feasts and deck the halls - literally - with boughs of holly. The revelry culminates in twelfth night festivities and hearty cheers of “wassail”, then the farming year begins again.

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How to Prepare Pig's Head

A Vegetarian’s Nightmare

No one feasts quite like a farmer – especially at Christmas time. The Tudors were no exception. Feasting was at the heart of Christmas celebrations during the Tudor era (1485 – 1603). From plum pottage to mince pies and puddings, there was plenty to fill your belly. But the main attraction was boar’s head.

For those who’d like to join us in reviving this classic dish, we put together a recipe by watching the pros in action on Tudor Farm Christmas. (All the quoted stuff in the recipe comes from this Christmas special.) What the recipe lacks in precision, we hope it makes up for in charm.

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