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China Screen Collection

Bazaar Jumper

Follows brothers Aydar and Xirali as they create a small Parkour team with hopes of competing nationally in Beijing.

A Better Life

A small coastal fishing town in southern China has witnessed the arrival of many farmers and their families looking for a better life as fishermen.

The Big Family

This documentary portrays the difficulties of a traditional Chinese family, with its members having to change their lifestyle in the face of economic difficulties and a shifting culture.

Blank Lands

A journey into the unknown lands explored by Zhuang Xueben, through his pictures and his travel journal recently discovered.


From cotton fields in northern China to a trade fair in the south, filmmaker Zhou Hao documents the lives of those who work within the massive Chinese cotton industry.


Shenzhen, once a small fishing village near Hong Kong, has today joined the ranks of Chinese megacities and is often cited as a prime example of China's extraordinary economic boom.

The Final Migration

Follows a group of Yao families who have decided to give up their lives as mountain nomads and settle on land the government has provided for a village and farmland.

Fish Story

Best friends J and Jacky have been uprooted for a better future in Hong Kong, but is this future what the children really long to have?

The Graduates

Follows three graduates as they seek employment in one of China's largest cities, Chengdu, and as they try to find their own place in society.

Hard Old Rock

As a young man, Zheng spent his time gambling and dancing .But his exuberant way of life came to an end when he was charged with counter-revolutionary behaviour and sentenced to prison.

Heavy Metal

Around 50,000 migrant workers, to escape the poverty-stricken conditions of mid-west China, have formed an e-waste distmantling army.

Madam Duan

Duan, who comes from a remote village in the South of China, is a street cleaner in Canton.

Murky Waters

On the coast of the Bohai Sea, the region has become an infamous spot for pollution, significantly affecting the fishing industry.

Nobody's Child

At the age of 20, Bing cannot understand why his parents divorced and sets off in search of someone to blame.

Nu Shu

Follows 86-year-old Huan Yi Yang, the only woman in her country who knows the ancient, dying language of Nu Shu.

An Ordinary Season

Tong Zhanhai, a local farmer in the village of Xihaigu hopes that his children will one day leave their hometown to find a better life elsewhere.

A Perfect Setting

As traditional fishing started to decline in the 1980s, Huang Xingyue took advantage of this opportunity and became the first fisherman to build a hotel in his hometown of Giulin.

Piano Dream

Follows the story of Yin Hong and her husband as they invest everything into the dream of their son becoming a professional pianist.

Restoring the Light

A local doctor's personal quest to bring healthcare to the remote villages of northwest China reveals an intimate portrait of an unobserved rural community.

A Village Life

Xiao Hefu and Zhang Weibi are two eldery farmers who have chosen to remain faithful to an almost ancestral lifestyle, in the heart of nature and according to its pace.

The 9 Lives of Mr. Lee

Coming from a modest background, Mr. Lee has been a self-taught, independent soul all his life. He has managed to repeatedly reinvent himself, enabling him to live a varied and colorful existence...