Documentary Program Submissions

Knowledge Network is British Columbia’s public educational broadcaster.  We are available on television throughout the province of British Columbia and on streaming platforms across Canada.  Through provincial government support and donations from viewers, we are able to provide a premium, trusted service that is free and commercial-free.

Programming on Knowledge Network has its foundation in transformative storytelling. Stories have the power to forge human connection, to build trust and understanding, to expand our beliefs and opinions about ourselves and the world. The stories we broadcast on Knowledge inform, enlighten and connect British Columbians to each other and the world.  We are committed to supporting authentic stories that elevate a diverse range of voices and perspectives.  

Original documentary stories (one-offs and limited premium series) from BC production companies have pride of place in our broadcast schedule.  We pre-license a small number of documentary projects from the rest of Canada.  We also pre-buy select documentary features and limited series pitched at national and international forums attended by Knowledge Network.  

Our schedule is mainly acquisitions-based and carefully curated for our core British Columbian audience. We buy completed documentaries (series and one-off) from distributors and production companies from British Columbia, Canada and around the globe.

BC Producers

Knowledge Network welcomes documentary proposals for development and first-window commissions from independent producers based in British Columbia.  We are firmly committed to screen equity and encourage proposals from Indigenous producers and producers from equity-deserving- groups including Black people, people of colour, 2SLGBTQ+ and persons with disabilities. 

Development funding / Knowledge Original Commissions

Knowledge Network commissions approximately six first-window original documentary projects from BC producers each year. These include one-off documentaries (feature length, one-hours, half-hours).  One limited series is commissioned about every 18 months. We prioritize authenticity,  engaging stories, a strong point of view and a distinct aesthetic approach. 

We like to come in early on the projects we commission and welcome proposals from producers based in British Columbia for development funding. 

Canadian Pre-Licensing ("second-windows")

Knowledge Network pre-licenses a small number of one-off docs and series from Canadian producers outside of BC.  Canadian producers are welcome to submit projects for “second window” pre-licensing consideration once their development phase has been completed and a Canadian lead broadcaster is confirmed. 

We are not able to provide development funding or provide a broadcast letter of interest for pre-development for Canadian producers outside of British Columbia.

International Pre-Licensing

We pre-license a select number of international documentary features and limited series pitched at global forums attended by Knowledge Network. Markets include but are not limited to: IDFA Co-financing Forum (Amsterdam) and Hot Docs (Toronto).  Unsolicited proposals for international projects are not eligible for consideration.

For more information, contact:

Submitting Proposals

If you have a documentary project you would like Knowledge Network to consider for development, production or as a second-window, please send the following info to

  • A one or two-page outline describing the story/subject, the creative approach and point of view. 
  • A producer statement that explains how you and your team are connected to the content and why you are the ones who should be telling this story.
  • Bios of your key creative team.
  • Demo of previous work.

We will review the material and get back to you within 4 weeks.  If we are potentially interested in moving forward with your project, we will request a budget and financing scenario corresponding to the current phase of your project (development or production).

Evaluation Criteria

Here are the factors we consider when reviewing a project:

  • If the subject matter, perspective or treatment are new to Knowledge Network. 
  • Authenticity/originality of the filmmakers’ approach/vision.
  • Connection of the creative team to the story being proposed.
  • Relevance and appeal to viewers.
  • Track record and experience of the creative team.
  • Viability (financial, access, approach) of the project.

We receive more proposals than we can support and highly recommend that producers familiarize themselves with our programming on our linear channel, website or apps before contacting us. 

Please note - we do not commission or assist in the completion of dramatic projects, short films (under 20 minutes), student films, corporate videos, gallery installations, sponsored films, web series, or podcasts.

For more information, contact:


Photo provided by Palmiya Films Ltd.