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About Knowledge Network Programming

General Overview

Knowledge Network is British Columbia’s public educational broadcaster and streamer, available on television throughout British Columbia and on streaming platforms across Canada.  With funding from the provincial government and donations from viewers, we provide trusted, free and commercial-free content for curious minds.

Our commissioning and acquisitions teams seek out authentic stories from a diverse range of voices and perspectives that inform, entertain, connect and foster understanding.

Our highly curated selection of homegrown, national and global programs includes:

  • Drama Series (mainly international)
  • POV Documentaries (one-offs and limited series)
  • Factual Series (high production-value series focused on travel, nature, art, culture, history and science). 
  • Performing Arts (classical performances)
  • Childrens (series and specials for 2-8 year olds)

Approximately 90% of programing on Knowledge Network is acquired upon screening the completed production. 

Knowledge Network is firmly committed to screen equity and working with Canadian independent producers from equity-deserving groups. We encourage proposals from Indigenous people, Black people, people of colour, people who openly identify as 2SLGBTQ+, women and persons with disabilities. 

Please browse the content on our and websites (or download our K and K:Kids streaming apps)  to familiarize yourself with our programming offer.

Screen Equity + Data Collection

Knowledge Network strives to ensure authenticity in on-screen representation and to commission distinctive, relevant programs that broadly reflect the diversity of British Columbia.

In 2021, Knowledge Network established a three-year target to commission 25% of Knowledge Original documentary features and shorts from BC Indigenous production companies and 50% from BC racialized production companies.  You can track our progress to date here Equity, Diversity and Inclusion | New commissioning targets will be established in 2024.

An important tool to measure our progress is the collection of demographic data from the BC and Canadian producers we work with.  For all pre-licenses (first window and second window) we collect self-identification data related to company ownership and self-identification data related to key creative roles (director, producer, writer, showrunner). This data allows us to track our progress vis a vis our equity commitments; to analyse and address gaps in representation; and to contribute to joint industry initiatives to advance screen sovereignty and screen equity on a national scale.

For projects that engage with First Nations, Metis or Inuit communities, cultures, concepts and stories, we ask producers to follow the recommendations outlined in the Indigenous Screen Office’s On-Screen Protocols and Pathways tools and resources.  Where relevant to the subject matter of your project, we also ask producers to refer to the BSO Research & Action Centre section of the BSO website Research & Action Centre | Black Screen Office ( on Black , People of Colour, 2SLGBTQIA+, People with Disabilities and the Children’s Media Report created with members of those communities by the Black Screen Office.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Core to Knowledge Network’s purpose is providing trusted, free and commercial-free content the enriches minds, fosters understanding and contributes to a connected and more informed society. This requires ensuring the quality and integrity of all content broadcast by Knowledge Network.

If considering the use of AI and generative AI tools, it is the responsibility of the producer to discuss these plans with Knowledge Network prior to implementing in order to jointly assess the impact. If submitting a program for acquisition where AI and generative AI tools have been used, it is the responsibility of the producer to inform Knowledge Network at the time of submission with details on application and usage.

Commissions & Second Windows

Knowledge Original Commissions

Our first-window commissions are exclusively in the documentary space and with BC-based producers. Knowledge Network commissions approximately three to four documentaries (Knowledge Originals) each year for a primetime audience. These premium, one-off documentaries may include half-hours, one-hours or feature lengths.

Knowledge Network may also commission one limited documentary series from a BC producer approximately once every 12 months, subject to available funding.

Knowledge Originals from BC producers have pride of place on our broadcast and streaming platforms.  With these unique, first-window commissions, we’re looking for authentic, engaging stories, with a strong point of view and a distinct creative vision.

Development Funding for Knowledge Originals

We like to come in early on the projects we commission and welcome proposals from documentary producers in British Columbia for development funding. Producers may contact us at any time during the year to discuss projects.

Special Commissioning Initiatives – Stories (Un)told

In October 2023, Knowledge Network in partnership with Creative BC announced a new three-year commissioning stream for premium limited documentary series called Stories (Un)told.  This is an initiative for mid-career and senior BC producers focused on resonant BC stories (contemporary or historical) that have been hidden from view or that are being reframed with new context and insight. 

Submissions for the first year of this commissioning stream are now closed. The call for proposals for Year Two will go out in fall 2024.

Second-Window Pre-Licenses

In addition to its original commissions, Knowledge Network pre-licenses a small number of second-window factual series and one-off documentaries.  BC or Canadian producers are welcome to submit projects for second window pre-licensing consideration once their development phase has been completed and their Canadian lead broadcaster is confirmed.

Knowledge Network does not provide development funding nor a broadcast letter of interest for pre-development for Canadian documentary producers outside of British Columbia.

Selection Criteria for Documentary Commissions and Second Windows

We consider a number of factors when reviewing a proposal:

  • Whether the subject matter, perspective or treatment are new to Knowledge Network.
  • Originality of the filmmakers’ approach/vision.
  • Connection of the creative team to the story and the approach proposed by the production team to ensure authentic representation.
  • Relevance and appeal to our core BC demographic (diverse adults 40+ with curious minds).
  • Track record and experience of the creative team.
  • Viability (financial, access, approach) of the project.

We receive more proposals than we can support and highly recommend that producers familiarize themselves with our programming on our linear channel, website or apps before contacting us.

Please note - we do not commission or assist in the completion of dramatic projects, short films (under 20 minutes), student films, corporate videos, gallery installations, sponsored films, web series, or podcasts.

Submitting Your Proposal

If you would like Knowledge Network to consider your project for development, as a first-window commission or as a second-window, please send the following info to

  • A one or two-page outline describing the story/subject, the creative approach and point of view.
  • A producer statement that explains how you and your team are connected to the content and why you are the ones who should be telling this story.
  • Bios of your key creative team.
  • Demo of previous work.

We will review the material and get back to you within 4 to 8 weeks.

For more information, contact:

Acquisitions (Drama, Documentary, Factual And Performing Arts)

We acquire a highly curated selection of BC, national and international programs in the following genres:

  • Drama Series (mainly international)
  • POV Documentaries (one-offs and limited series)
  • Factual Series (high production-value series focused on travel, nature, art, culture, history and science). 
  • Performing Arts (classical performances)

Before contacting us about acquisitions, please take some time to familiarize yourself with our programming by browsing our website ( or downloading our K streaming app in Canada.

We consider a number of factors when acquiring programming including strength of storytelling, originality of subject matter or perspective, production values and overall fit with Knowledge Network’s scheduling needs.  We also look to ensure the editorial independence of the production. Sponsored programming, community service programming or public service announcements are not considered for acquisition.

Distributors who wish to present their programming catalogue please contact Independent producers who wish to submit a completed program for our consideration are invited to complete the submission form below. You may also submit a one-sheet or press kit by email.

We will get back to you in 4 – 8 weeks.

Phone: 604.431.3242

Knowledge Acquisitions 4355 Mathissi Place Burnaby, BC Canada V5G 4S8


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