Ways to Give

Ways to Give

Put your money where your mind is.

For everything that Knowledge gives to you, all we ask in return is your support. Here's how.

Make a Donation

Give a Single Gift

Make a single donation using your credit card. It's quick, easy and secure, and your contribution will go to work right away.

Donate Single

Give a Monthly Gift

Make a monthly donation using your credit card. For as little as $5 a month, you'll help us continue to deliver the level of high quality programming you can only find on Knowledge Network.

Donate Monthly

Give the Gift of Knowledge

Contrary to popular wisdom, you can put a price on Knowledge — it's $40. That's all it costs to give someone a Knowledge Partners membership and a year subscription to the ever-popular K: Magazine.

Donate Gift

Give a Gift in Honour

Honour a special person in your life by making a contribution in their name. You'll do them proud while providing Knowledge to over 1 million viewers every week across BC.

Donate in Honour

Give a Gift in Memory

Honour the memory of a loved one by making a donation in their name. It's a simple legacy that you can create to ensure that their love of Knowledge is shared with a new generation.

Donate in Memory

Other Ways to Give

Leadership Circle

Donate $600 or more and we will invite you to join our Leadership Circle.

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Donate Securities

Donations of stocks and other appreciated securities will make just as strong an impact as a cash donation, and can also generate tax benefits for you.

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Legacy Giving

Pass on your love of Knowledge by planning a gift in your will.

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Donate a Vehicle

Got an unwanted vehicle, boat, RV or motorcycle that has come to the end of its road? Donate it to us. It can still go a long way to help us keep Knowledge Network 100% commercial-free.

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Matching Programs

If your company offers matched employee donations, you could double the impact of your gift instantly. Check with your benefits department to see if you qualify.

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