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About Us

We are British Columbia’s Public Broadcaster

With so many channels, streaming services and social media feeds constantly bombarding the senses, it can sometimes be difficult to make sense of what you’re seeing. That’s where we come in.

As BC’s public broadcaster, we’re here to provide you, the public, with easily accessible thought-provoking content. With programs examining the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, to documentaries exploring consumerism, or even mysteries that will have your brain working overtime, we have something for everyone. Looking for Made-in-BC programs covering issues that affect our daily lives? We’ve got plenty of that as well! And unlike most of the other media you’re bound to see online and on-air, everything on Knowledge is commercial free. That’s because we’re partially funded by the provincial government as well as from donations from viewers who love what we do. This allows us to keep showing great content without ruining them with commercial breaks. Learn how you can support us.

For Our Youngest Viewers

There’s nothing like good fun to stimulate a young mind. Just like our programming for grown-ups, Knowledge Kids offers trusted commercial-free content for your little ones. Our goal? To keep the love of learning alive.

Knowledge-West Communications Corporation

Knowledge-West Communications Corporation (KWCC) is an active subsidiary of Knowledge Network incorporated in 1981.