Purchase Order: Standard Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Purchase:

Purchase Order

Purchase Order numbers must appear on all invoices, packing slips, customs documents, bills of lading, express bills, etc.


Goods delivered without authorized Purchase Order issued by the Purchasing Department may not be accepted and may be returned collect.


Knowledge Network Corporation (Knowledge) reserves the right to cancel this order if not filled within the agreed delivery schedule.

Contract Renewal

Knowledge does not accept automatic renewal of contract except by issuance of either a Change Order or a new Purchase order.

Acceptance of Purchase Order

Acceptance of the Purchase Order constitutes acceptance of all the terms and conditions applicable unless agreed in writing.


Invoices must be submitted in original copy to Attn: Accounts Payable Department at the address written on the PO or e-mailed to: finance@knowledge.ca. Discounts will be calculated from actual date goods are received and accepted by Knowledge or date of receipt of correct invoice, whichever is later.


The laws of Province of British Columbia, Canada shall apply to and govern the interpretation of the Purchase Order unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Indemnity Clause

The Vendor warrants title to materials or services supplied by them and covenants them free from defects and/or imperfections, and shall indemnify and hold Knowledge Network Corporation harmless against any or all suits, claims, demands and/or expense, patent litigation, infringement, material, materialman’s or labour liens, or any claims by third parties in or to the commodities mentioned and supplied by him.

Inspection and Acceptance

All goods, materials and equipment supplied under the Purchase Order shall be subject to inspection and acceptance by Knowledge, notwithstanding prior payment. Vendor shall pay all transportation or other costs incurred as a result of rejected goods, materials and equipment.

Change Order

The Purchase Order shall not be modified in any way without prior written authority from the Purchasing Department.

Vendor Default

In case of vendor default of contract, Knowledge reserves the right to purchase on the open market and hold the vendor responsible for any excess cost occasioned thereby. Purchasing may cancel this contract at its discretion if there is a violation of specifications or contract.

Code of Ethical Trade Practices

The Vendor agrees to and accepts the following Knowledge Code of Ethical Trade Practices and demonstrates a similar commitment to improving ethical trade practices:

  1. Vendors must not use any form of forced, bonded or involuntary labour.
  2. Workers must not be subject to physical or verbal abuse.
  3. Workers must not be required to work extreme hours or work without adequate rest periods.
  4. Vendors must not use workers under the age of 15, or the minimum legal working age in the country in question, if higher than 15.
  5. Factories and work sites used by Suppliers must be safe and hygienic.
  6. Worker’s life or limb must not be endangered due to the use of dangerous machinery, unsafe building structure or layout or hazardous chemicals.
  7. Living accommodation, where provided, must be in buildings that are separate from other areas of the workplace and have adequate fire alarm system.
  8. Vendors must pay wages sufficient to meet basic needs and to provide some discretionary income.
  9. Vendors must maintain proper and accurate employment records and Suppliers must be transparent and co-operative as regards the inspection of employment records.
  10. Vendors must not engage in bribery, corruption or other similar unethical practices in order to gain competitive advantage.