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Donations from Knowledge Partners cover about 1/3 of our operating budget.

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Knowledge Network costs British Columbians the equivalent of one cup of coffee, per person, per year.

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The direct cost of monthly donations averages just 8 cents for every dollar contributed.

The Knowledge Effect

KUDOS for acquiring this series (Ocean of Volcanoes). It is so beautifully choreographed - filming, music, and narration are all excellent. Wonderfully informative, it also offers a deep appreciation and empathy for living creatures and their habitats - especially in fragile and delicately balanced environments.

Firmly in the "lifelong-learning-beats-ignorance-is-bliss" camp, we appreciate your helping us keep our brain cells alive with the tremendously varied documentaries KNOW has been broadcasting for so many years.

I have just seen the documentary about the early days of fur trading and the Hudson's Bay Company. I enjoyed it immensely, and the portrayal of how our indigenous peoples really were and their witnessing who those people in the old film were was just priceless. What a fabulous gift...thank you for another marvellous documentary!!!

We thoroughly enjoy all the many nature programmes from here in BC and expecially the programmes from other parts of our world. Many thanks for your outstanding commitment to fine viewing and learning.
Carolyn & Glen

Living alone in my senior years, [with Knowledge] I fly off to far places, view nature, science and all other manner of stimulating presentations that keep the gray matter vibrant. In the past you have put many a broad smile on my face or left me chuckling with delight. You are all wonderful to continue this public service.

I have been busy working on a "beautiful letter" to tell you how very much Knowledge Network means in my life...I love the programming on "my" network, Knowledge! You both entertain me and keep me on my toes so I can keep learning in my senior years. Thank you so much for being there!!

There is such a wide range of shows that entertain, educate and stimulate your mind. There are always great surprises. Keep up the good work.

Although some subject matter can get challenging...(e.g., particle physics), it also inspires wonder & awe & more curiosity about what else there is to discover.... thank you for KNOW's wonderful alternative to commercial TV.

I found every part [of Space Suite] fascinating but the most moving, not surprisingly, was the final segment about the earth itself. The unabashed emotional comments of some astronauts and the beautiful images combine to create an experience of feelings of love and awe. Thank you for your wonderful work.

I'm very happy with KNOW programmes because they are mostly to do with cultures elsewhere on the planet. There re no judgements made; we just have a look at the faraway culture... These days, anything that illuminates faraway nations; looking at their history is interesting/valuable.

I appreciate all the great inspiring shows you put on - it adds to our Knowledge of who we are and how we address climate change so that we can have some hope for future generations on this planet so that they can live in a sustainable environment. Thanks.

I love the mix of inspiring, educational and powerful documentaries, intelligent dramas and high-quality music and dance programs.

Thank you for showing this documentary (We Are the Giant). It was timely and profound. The issue of revolution needs to be discussed as the populace feels impotent and needful of change. Shall we do it peacefully with diplomacy or violently and with dictators?

I often await with anticipation for some of your programs at days end when relaxing doesn't mean turning off but more about tuning in to the breadth of information available to us, which in a way is solace in this fast moving world of ours!

Congratulations to the creators of both the concept and product (Space Suite), and thank you for these works of art and science - always informative, uplifting and awe inspiring. Altogether brilliant.

You are a wonderful station! We seldom watch anything else. Your programs are interesting and educational. Please continue for many years! Our thanks to you all.

I really appreciate and value the high-quality of the childrens' science programs Knowledge offers. And thanks also for bringing viewers the many fantastic BBC science and nature series hosted by Brian Cox and David Attenborough, we love them all. Thank you for being part of what makes BC an outstanding place to live!
Carolyn & Glen

I watch your programs every night.... I am truly awakened by the teachings of your programs, and entertained by them at the same time. Thank you for your unique, special effort...You maintain an exceptionally high standard of programming...You are an agent of our good fortune!

Thank you for bringing the local, national and international personalities and situations to life. If we don't know where we come from, we will never deal effectively with the present or future.

Mostly I enjoy your documentaries and I also watch but mostly I want to support you because I share your vision of education and absence of commercials! Thank you.

Thank you for being the Knowledge Network. The facts, the information, the optimism I receive is extremely positive.

Hello there!... I'd like to thank you for wonderful channel you created! My 5 year old somehow downloaded your app on Ipad and I decided to try it... you are doing a great job with kids programs!

I recommended your website to a few different Russian (Ukrainian) forums and groups where parents learn English with kids: for them to watch a nice and kind, educational and fun cartoons which also will help them to learn new language. Thank you.

The entertainment and education that I seek each evening when I settle after a whole day of activity or school-work, is the very thing I find when I press the channel button on my remote... and sit back and rest. In fact, from your programs, I have often picked up pertinent information to include in my school essays.

I have been watching "First Footprints" about Australian aborigines. It has taught me how much I don't know and how much I assume. I really felt as if I was a guest with an ancient group learning from them. Knowledge is the only channel that I don't find insulting to my intelligence.