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From 6am to 6pm daily, Knowledge Kids is the destination in BC for an outstanding line-up of high-quality, commercial-free programming for children aged 2-8.
Whatever It Takes
S7 E7 - A fawn survives a snare and a bobcat attack, but can Hope's team save it? A bobcat kitten winds up on Hope's doorstep, and an old friend returns to the rehab to help in Hope's hour of need.
Additional Dates
Sat Jun 23, 12:00pm
Sat Jun 23, 6:00pm
Clayoquot Sound
E2 - After years of conflict over logging in Clayoquot Sound, BC, communities look to the past to learn how the environment, cultures and economies can thrive for hundreds of years to come.
Additional Dates
Wed Jun 20, 6:00pm
Wed Jun 20, 11:00pm
Sun Jun 24, 1:00pm