Stories (Un)told - Call for Development Proposals for Limited Documentary Series

BC’s Knowledge Network is inviting mid-career and senior BC producers to submit development proposals for premium limited documentary series of 3 to 4 one-hour episodes, for broadcast on our channel and streaming on Knowledge Prime.  

We’re looking for resonant BC stories (contemporary or historical) that have been hidden from view or that are being reframed with new context and insight.  These stories can reach beyond BC, but they need to have a BC anchor.  They should turn the heads of audiences and make them ask, “why didn’t I know that”?

A maximum of 2 projects will be selected for development with the goal of moving 1 project into production in 2025.    Financial support will be in the form of a development license fee and potentially an allocation from Knowledge Network’s CMF Development Envelope. (TBD based on confirmation of our development envelope amount in April 2024.)

This is the first year of a 3-year initiative with 3 limited-series in total moving forward into production.  As part of Knowledge Network’s commitment to helping redress historic inequities in the screen sector, a minimum of 2 of the 3 projects selected for production will be with BC Indigenous and BPOC majority-owned production companies (51% minimum). If you are a BC Indigenous or racialized filmmaker and do not have the specified number of credits indicated in the eligibility criteria listed below but feel your accumulated experience in other documentary roles demonstrates the requisite skills/experience to lead on a project of this scope/scale, we will consider the argument you put forward.  Please include details in your submission.

Eligibility Criteria for the Applicant

  • Must be a for-profit incorporated production company.
  • Lead production company and owners must be based in BC (51% minimum).  We’re open to national or international co-productions provided the core criteria for resonant BC stories is met.
  • Director must be a BC resident.
  • Producer must have a minimum of 3 producer credits on documentaries of 60 minutes or longer.  
  • Director must have a minimum of 3 director credits on documentaries of 60 minutes or longer.  

This stream is intended as a unique opportunity for BC documentary filmmakers to work on a larger creative canvas at the level of their ability and imagination in the service of our Knowledge Network audiences.  High production values are a core expectation.

Deadline for Submissions – Tuesday, January 30th, 2024, at 5:00 pm PST. (Proposals submitted later than 5:00 pm will not be accepted.)

We will contact successful applicants in March 2024. 

Questions? Please contact Nikki Beesley at 604.431.3114 or

In 2-3 sentences provide a description of the story you plan to tell, referencing location, participants, mission and stakes as applicable.
In 2-3 pages summarize the story your series will tell, the creative approach and point of view. Who are the key participants and what is their journey? What is the central question your series will explore? Briefly provide contextual information to acquaint us with the subject and explain why such a series is needed now.
What work do you need to do and create over the course of development to prepare for production and to close financing?
What is your team’s connection to the subject matter and why are you well suited to tell the story in an authentic way? How has and will the team create the content responsibly, thoughtfully, in reciprocity, and without harm? In preparing this part of your submission, please refer to the Considerations-for-Writing-Community-Engagement-Plans-Development-v3-1.pdf document created by The Black Screen Office – this tool will help you think through key considerations based on the specificity of your project. For projects that engage with First Nations, Metis or Inuit Communities, Cultures, Concepts and Stories please refer to the ISO’s On-Screen Protocols and Pathways tools and resources - ISO_On-Screen-Protocols-Pathways.pdf in preparing this part of your submission.

Tell us about yourselves and your experience as filmmakers.  This section is also an opportunity to let us know if you are from of a Diverse Community as defined in section 7 of the CMF Definitions and Essential Requirements:

In your producer bio, please include an overview of the production budget levels you have previously worked with and successes you have had in accessing various Canadian and international sources of funding.  We want to understand what budget levels and financing structures you have experience with.

Please upload a document that provides links and passwords to your previous works including 3 samples of Producer credits and 3 samples of Director credits.
Please upload your proposed development budget and financing top-sheet.
Tell us about the team you are in the process of assembling to tell this story and your thoughts, at this early stage, about meaningful opportunities for mentorship on this production.
Please summarize your rights to both the creative material and concept as well as your rights to produce, distribute and exploit the project.