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First Hand Films Collection

Art of Yodeling

Follows philosophy student and yodeler Polkabjørn and his musical companion Kleine Heine as they take their yodel act around the world, playing venues ranging from bars to stadiums.


In the 1970's thousands of young Soviets answered Brezhnev's call and moved voluntarily to Siberia to build the BAM (Baikal-Amur Magistral), a railroad from the Lake Baikal to the Pacific Ocean....


Explores the life and work of Sicilian photographer and anti-Mafia activist Letizia Battaglia.


A young actress and her self-made doll attempt to prevail over a dangerous disease and manage its severity with humour.

Corridor #8

Looks at the EU infrastructure project called Corridor #8 and the stories of people affected by the construction of a road leading through Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania.

Dreaming By Numbers

Everything has its own number, according to the Italian numbers book Grimas. In a Neapolitan lottery office, everyone drops by to place a bet on the basis of an ancient number theory.

Echoes of War

Some of the children left behind in Afghanistan, Colombia, Sierra Leone and New York share their memories, nightmares and dreams. A pure film that gives space to the kids and them only.

Exile Family Movie

An Iranian family living in political exile in Europe and America decides to organise a secret meeting with the rest of the family still living in Iran.

Facing Death

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross devoted her life to death and dying and achieved world fame in the process.

Father to Son

Father to Son deals with the conflict between generations and their subjective memories, and the way different methods of raising children pass from one generation to the next.

Five Days to Dance

A couple of dancers appear one morning in a High School, and announce to the youngsters that they have five days to get up on stage and dance. A short time but a big challenge.

Ida's Diary

A young Norwegian woman is struggling with a turbulent emotional life caused by emotionally unstable borderline personality disorder.

Leaving Africa

Before retiring and leaving Uganda, Riitta and Catherine invite religious leaders to a course in which they challenge the priests and the imams to a straightforward discussion on women's rights....

Leila Khaled, Hijacker

As a member of the popular front for the liberation of Palestine, she was the first woman to hijack a plane, in 1969. What made Leila Khaled become one of the world's most famous terrorists?

Man For a Day

What makes the man a man? Diane Torr, performance artist and "Drag King Pioneer", developed tools to transform courageous women into the man of their choice.

Mountain Love Story

Polish alpinists Eliza Kubarska and David Kaszlikowski take a journey inside the fjords of southern Greenland to reach the world's highest sea cliff, and to kiss each other on it.

Prison Island Bastoy

Bastøy is a prison island in Norway. There are no cells and no fences. This film sheds light on people you don't often see and the process they face on their way back to the world.

Que Sera?

A children's daycare and a retirement home under one roof is more than a sociological experiment, we see their warmth, compassion, fragility and humour.

Radical Evil

How do normal young men turn into mass murderers? Why do respectable family men kill women and children, day in and day out, for years?

Raw Herring

For centuries, the Dutch have dominated the herring catch, but those times have changed.


Cesar Ritz is the notorious dishwasher who revolutionizes the world's hotel business, only to collapse when his most ambitious goal, the coronation buffet for King Edward VII, cannot take place....

Russian Monopoly

Two real estate agents take on the task of finding a better place for all inhabitants of this flat and a buyer who will be patient enough and still pay well.


Soon after getting married, Boris Baberkoff, a 33 year old cellist, suffers a st roke in New York. His wife documents her husband's healing process.

The Substitute

A story about the young and ambitious Max and his old and strict teacher Folke who try - each in their own way - to get a ninth grade class in a Swedish suburb through their final exams.

When I Was Dead

A documentary about the inner transformation that three people undergo after a near death experience. How do you redefine your life when you were on the verge of death?


The documentary ventures into the high-risk political game that led to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Europe by visiting the secret rooms where history was made.

2012 The Beginning

December 21, 2012, identified by the Maya nearly 1,400 years ago, has become the source of great debate. Some believe it will bring catastrophic events. Others, an era of enlightenment.