Pamela Brown

During weekdays I look forward to Knowledge Network on the weekend, and the programmes you air give me unfailing joy.

Our Knowledge Partners are an eloquent bunch, and we get lots of thoughtful, interesting and well-informed letters and emails from them. Every now and then, one lands in our inboxes that really hits home – like this letter from Pamela Brown of Victoria. Pamela’s comments about her favourite Knowledge programs convey so wonderfully the reasons why we do what we do. Thanks, Pamela, for making our day!

“During weekdays I look forward to Knowledge Network on the weekend, and the programmes you air give me unfailing joy. Nobody is allowed to phone or call on Saturdays at 8pm. “It’s Heartbeat,” my family says, knowing it is my favourite. I want to thank you for continuing that delightful series year after year. I am astonished at the variety of topics you offer, and I’m happy with all of them.

With delight I have watched Midsomer Murders, Miss Fisher so charmingly naughty, and Foyle and his nice driver, with the tiny joke; he was capable of driving all the time! Tudor Farm was great fun, and New Tricks was splendid when the original cast played their parts. The sad series on World War I kept me coming back to it although I found some parts horrifying. But Monty Don’s enthusiasm over beautiful gardens lifted my spirits. Monarch of the Glen felt like coming home again, and Frost, so brilliantly played by Sir David Jason, held me spellbound. Best of all was the magnificent Avebury Manor resurrection, with Penelope Keith explaining the methodical, painstaking research of a team of experts who restored an ancient house so beautifully. It moved me to tears.

2014 saw the start of the fascinating Coast series, and to my indignation a scruffy, untidy Scot strode about shouting. But gradually the magic of history cast its spell, and his discoveries and his perception won me over. I learned so much from Neil Oliver and learned it all easily. I persuaded my son to take me to Munro’s Books and I bought Neil’s “A History of Ancient Britain”. He writes as well as he speaks. All this delight is thanks to Knowledge Network.

For these, and so many other brilliant dramas and documentaries, I offer my profound gratitude. I am a disabled elderly widow but my aches and pains melt away every weekend evening, and I think you should know how much Knowledge Network means to me.”

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