Scott Burrow

It just seems to be pure knowledge – from the kids’ shows to the travel shows to the science shows. What more do you need?

K: Feels Like Home

For Scott Burrow, living a simple life is key. That means spending as much time as possible outdoors with his wife, Sheila, whether it’s in their backyard in Victoria’s Gorge neighbourhood or hitting the highways and hiking trails of BC. Early retirement paved the way for their stripped-down lifestyle and gave Scott, who owned a portrait studio for many years, the opportunity to pursue his passion for landscape photography. “Here in BC—actually in all of Canada— we’re surrounded by the beauty of the landscapes we have,” he says. “You know, we live in paradise. Why not explore it?”

Knowledge Network has provided inspiration for many of their road trips around the province, with the short BC-focused segments between shows often leading to talk of “Oh, where’s that?” Scott appreciates the fact that Knowledge offers exactly what its name says. “It just seems to be pure knowledge—from the kids’ shows to the travel shows to the science shows. What more do you need?”

Scott and Sheila decided to become Knowledge Partners in 2009, when they were re-evaluating their charitable donations. They realized that it was a natural fit, not only because of the shows they’d had so much pleasure watching over the years, but because Knowledge is a part of BC. “That just made it even more important to us to make sure Knowledge survives for everybody,” explains Scott. “We’re one of the few provinces that has this and it’s really, really special. So that’s the number one thing. It’s homegrown. It’s ours.”

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