Shauna and Len Kirkham

The programming on Knowledge gives us a springboard into exploring other cultures and other countries.

The Kirkhams have travelled to more than 44 countries around the world – and there are plenty more on their bucket list. Knowledge Partners for many years, they find inspiration for their travels through the programming on Knowledge. “It gives us a springboard into exploring other cultures and other countries,” says Len. “It’s kind of like being a little bit of a voyeur, that you’re able to watch it on Knowledge and then go there and experience it yourself.”

When they return home they put together a photo album/scrapbook of their trip using Len’s journals and memorabilia that Shauna collects on their journey: ticket stubs, brochures, perhaps a beautiful feather or shell. A year later, they like to pull out the album and, every night before they go to bed, read about Australia or Spain or Italy or whatever trip they want to relive.

When it came to making their estate plans, the idea of preserving something meaningful to them once again came into play. “We considered mostly the things that pleased us internally - so things that intrigued our minds and stimulated our thinking, and beautiful places like gardens and travel. It was just natural that we decided Knowledge was where we would like to see our legacy go.”

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