A Close-Knit Family

Like many families, the things that bring them joy have passed down through Van, her daughter Katherine, and granddaughter Ursa. All three share a love of books, music and learning, of being curious and pursuing knowledge throughout their lives. They also share a talent for handcrafting beautiful items. Van was a lifelong knitter before she had to quit because of vision issues; Ursa enjoys the same creative pastime. Katherine’s passion is needle felting, using wool to make soft, textural works of art.

There’s something else they share – a love of Knowledge Network. They’ve all watched it for years, with the British dramas and mysteries (perfect to knit by!) among their favourites. Van and Katherine have been known to catch up, and occasionally cry, over Heartbeat, and they all hate to miss an episode of Midsomer Murders. Realizing how much Knowledge brings to their lives, they each decided to become regular donors. Giving back to causes and organizations they believe in is woven into the fabric of their family – something they’ve rarely talked about, but always done.

As Knowledge Partners, they’ve found a common thread that connects them to each other and to a wider community. “It feels like I’m part of a family,” says Van.

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