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90% of Knowledge
programming is acquired.

Submitting a Program for Knowledge

Approximately 90% of programming on Knowledge is acquired upon screening the completed production.


Before you contact us about acquisitions, please take some time to become familiar with our programming. Visit our program schedule and current selection of curated timeslots to spend some time watching Knowledge.

If you wish to submit a completed program for Knowledge to consider acquiring, please send us a one-sheet with the following information*:

  • Program synopsis, length and year of production.
  • Broadcast history in Canada and availability.
  • Technical specifications (shooting and delivery format).
  • Close-captioning status.
  • If it is a Canadian production, its Canadian Certification Number.
  • Please also include, if available, a link to a trailer, demo or full program.
  • *SCREENER NOTE: Please do not send us a screener unless it’s requested. You will be contacted if a full screener is required, and the preferred method of delivery will be a link to a downloadable on-line screener. DVD screeners will not be returned.


Please forward your one-sheet to:

Phone: 604.431.3242

4355 Mathissi Place
Burnaby, BC
Canada V5G 4S8