Non-violent, thoughtful and inclusive. Trusted quality programming for kids.

From 6am to 6pm weekdays and 6am to noon weekends, Knowledge Kids is place to be for quality, commercial-free children’s television. With programs chosen to support the thinking, social and emotional development of young learners, Knowledge Kids is the place where parents can trust their 2 to 8-year-olds are in good hands.

Education isn’t always synonymous with fun and excitement, but it is at Knowledge Kids. On top of language and literacy development, anyone watching Knowledge Kids can also expect to learn about:

  • Numeracy/math
  • Science (observation, classification, inquiry, core concepts)
  • Movement, music and the arts
  • Personal development (empathy, tolerance, coping skills, self-expression)
  • Problem solving and critical thinking
  • Healthy lifestyles

What We Look For

Beyond entertainment, we look for programs with age-appropriate learning goals that are key to the series concept and storylines. Producers may require input from an educational advisor to ensure those learning goals are realized in the research, writing or design of the series. Producers are also encouraged to develop companion materials and activities to be used on the website in order to extend the experience of the series online. Our programming includes different forms of animation, stop motion, live action and mixed media. We look for series with large numbers of episodes (minimum 26 to 65), and we do not pre-license one-off shorts.

For examples of suitable programming, visit

What We Look For in Digital Media

Producers looking to access Knowledge’s Canada Media Fund (CMF) Performance Envelope for children’s series must also include a digital media component that qualifies under the CMF’s “rich and substantial” guidelines. Our priority is on securing HTML5 games to be hosted on the Knowledge Kids website.

Knowledge-supported digital content should:

  • Support the learning goals of the television series
  • Be age-appropriate, challenging and fun
  • Be intuitive and simple to navigate, even without an adult’s help
  • Be free from any requirements to collect personal information from its users


Knowledge does not provide development funding for children’s programming. Because Knowledge is a regional broadcaster, producers must secure a broadcast commitment from other Canadian regional broadcasters or from a Canadian national broadcaster to complete their financing in Canada. Proposals may be submitted once development is complete and a producer has received an expression of interest from other Canadian broadcasters. Knowledge will consider proposals by Canadian independent producers or Canadian partners on international co-productions that qualifies as Canadian content.

Checklist for Submissions to Knowledge Kids

Television Component

  • Project bible
  • Episode outlines and/or sample script
  • Financing plan
  • Budget top sheet
  • Proposed production schedule
  • Resumes of key creative personnel
  • Animation sample, demo or pilot (as available)

Digital Media Component

  • Project Synopsis: outline the digital media concept and how the features underpin the learning values of the television series
  • Technology: outline the technology that is being used to build and deploy the project
  • Key Contributors: identify your digital media development partner(s) and their relevant experience
  • Budget and Financing: provide a budget and propose a financing plan as per CMF requirements

Note: Producers looking to access Knowledge’s CMF envelope for children’s series must also propose a digital media component that qualifies under the CMF’s “rich and substantial” guidelines.