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Calling all BC Independent Producers and Film Makers

Knowledge Network launches two new British Columbia History, Arts and Culture projects to be rolled out over the next four years

July 20, 2021 marks the 150th anniversary of British Columbia’s entry into Confederation. To commemorate this occasion, Knowledge Network is commissioning new, original content featuring stories about the people, events and diverse cultures that have shaped British Columbia’s rich history. From the First Peoples who have inhabited British Columbia for thousands of years, to the waves of today’s new immigrants, British Columbia’s history is complex and filled with stories to tell.


British Columbia. A land filled with history, art and culture. What resonates with you? What stories would you share? What people, places, things define British Columbia?

Knowledge Network is commissioning fifteen, half hour episodes, each made up of ten short films. These shorts will be enduring, memorable and repeatable – becoming staples in the Knowledge Originals brand.

We are looking for independent producers, directors and filmmakers to tell these stories. Knowledge is actively putting projects into development now, with the first round of commissions beginning in 2018.

Sign up to attend one of our round table discussions to get your questions answered and find out how you can play a part in telling the history of British Columbia.

British Columbia: People, Places, Things will roll out over the next four years.

Interested? Let’s talk!

Knowledge Network is hosting information sessions in Vancouver for British Columbia: People, Places, Things.

No upcoming events.


A classic, linear, evidence based, historical documentary mini-series. Told in four, one hour episodes and broken into chapters, the series will be made up of archival and interview driven content. It is big.

1871 will premiere in 2021 to mark British Columbia’s entry into Confederation.

Submissions are now closed for 1871. Thank you for your interest.


Please contact Gillian Hrankowski, Supervising Producer


Phone Number: 604.431.3145