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America Over the Edge
From Boston and New York to Philidelphia and beyond, trace one of the most diverse coastlines in the world and discover the natural beauty found along America's East Coast with this stunning portrait of Canada's neighbour to the south.
Ep 1
Downeast Maine
Watch October 3, 7:00pm
Ep 2
Independence Trail
Watch October 10, 7:00pm
Ep 3
Massachusetts Bay
Watch October 17, 7:00pm
Ep 4
Cape Cod
Watch October 24, 7:00pm
Ep 5
Rhode Island
Watch October 31, 7:00pm
Ep 6
Long Island Sound
Watch November 7, 7:00pm
Ep 7
New York City
Watch November 14, 7:00pm
Ep 8
Historic Hudson River
Watch November 21, 7:00pm
Ep 9
Long Island
Watch November 28, 7:00pm
Downeast Maine
(1 of 13) Beginning at the Canada/US border, journey along the spectacular Maine coast - including Acadia National Park, the remote Calendar Islands and the Bush family estate at Kennebunkport.
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Tue Oct 3, 7:00pm
Tue Oct 3, 11:00pm
Wed Oct 4, 6:00pm
Sat Oct 7, 1:00pm
Sun Oct 8, 12:00pm
Independence Trail
(2 of 13) From the Isles of Shoals, trace the tiny New Hampshire coast and soar high above New England's most historic Revolutionary sites, from Portsmouth, New Hampshire to Boston, Massachusetts.
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Tue Oct 10, 7:00pm
Tue Oct 10, 11:00pm
Wed Oct 11, 6:00pm
Sat Oct 14, 1:00pm
Sun Oct 15, 12:00pm
Massachusetts Bay
(3 of 13) Heading south from the Cape Ann Peninsula, the City of Boston is revealed from high above, as well as the beaches of Massachusetts' south shore.
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Tue Oct 17, 7:00pm
Tue Oct 17, 11:00pm
Wed Oct 18, 6:00pm
Sat Oct 21, 1:00pm
Sun Oct 22, 12:00pm
Cape Cod
(4 of 13) An aerial journey from the historic Cape Cod Canal to Provincetown at the end of the Cape - tracing the outline of one of America's favourite seaside destinations.
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Tue Oct 24, 7:00pm
Tue Oct 24, 11:00pm
Wed Oct 25, 6:00pm
Sat Oct 28, 1:00pm
Sun Oct 29, 12:00pm
Rhode Island
(5 of 13) Explore the marine boundary of the smallest US state, from Sakonnet Light, to the city of Providence, to the beaches of Rhode Island's Atlantic Coast.
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Tue Oct 31, 7:00pm
Tue Oct 31, 11:00pm
Wed Nov 1, 6:00pm
Sat Nov 4, 1:00pm
Sun Nov 5, 12:00pm
Long Island Sound
(6 of 13) The Long Island Sound watershed marks one of the most scenic stretches of coast in America, from the historic Mystic seaport, to the Manhattan skyline.
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Tue Nov 7, 7:00pm
Tue Nov 7, 11:00pm
Wed Nov 8, 6:00pm
Sat Nov 11, 1:00pm
Sun Nov 12, 12:00pm
New York City
(7 of 13) From Manhattan's One World Trade Centre to the Statue of Liberty, explore the five boroughs of New York City with a bird's eye view.
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Tue Nov 14, 7:00pm
Tue Nov 14, 11:00pm
Wed Nov 15, 6:00pm
Sat Nov 18, 1:00pm
Sun Nov 19, 12:00pm
Historic Hudson River
(8 of 13) Moving north from NYC, trace the path of the historic Hudson River - through the autumn splendour of Bear Mountain State Park, to the iconic town of Poughkeepsie and beyond.
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Tue Nov 21, 7:00pm
Tue Nov 21, 11:00pm
Wed Nov 22, 6:00pm
Sat Nov 25, 1:00pm
Sun Nov 26, 12:00pm
Long Island
(9 of 13) Heading northeast from NYC, fly high above Long Island, from the rocky north shore to the iconic Hamptons in the south.
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Tue Nov 28, 7:00pm
Tue Nov 28, 11:00pm
Wed Nov 29, 6:00pm