Ancient Egypt: Life and Death in the Valley of the Kings
Ep: 2 "Death"
Egypt captivates us like few other ancient civilizations - but what was it like to actually live there as an ordinary person, 3,500 years ago? In this two-part series, Egyptologist Dr. Joann Fletcher explores their homes, workplaces and temples, and climbs down into their tombs to discover the world of these ancient Egyptians - both in life and in the afterlife.
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Ep 2
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Egyptologist Dr. Joann Fletcher goes on a fascinating journey in search of people like us - not the great Pharaohs but the ordinary citizens who built and populated this ancient civilization. (1 of 2)
Dr. Joann Fletcher looks at the mysterious world of the ancient Egyptian afterlife, and why they spent a fortune preparing for death. (2 of 2)