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Art of Germany
Ep: 2 "Dream and Machine"
From the Renaissance-era woodcuts of Albrecht Dürer to the modernist aesthetic of the Bauhaus movement, Germany’s artistic influence on the world has been profound. But did prejudice following two World Wars lead to the neglect of its 500-year cultural legacy? Art critic Andrew Graham-Dixon believes so, and in this three-part series he takes a tour through Germany as he explores the great themes of its art – an obsession with landscape, folklore and national identity.
Ep 1
A Divided Land
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Ep 2
Dream and Machine
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Ep 3
In the Shadow of Hitler
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A Divided Land
Historian Andrew Graham-Dixon examines the rich and often neglected art of the German middle ages and Renaissance. (1 of 3)
Dream and Machine
Andrew Graham-Dixon looks at how artists were at the forefront of Germany's drive to become a single nation. (2 of 3)
In the Shadow of Hitler
Andrew Graham-Dixon investigates the dark and difficult times of the 20th century. (3 of 3)