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Bombay Railway
For the six million train commuters in Bombay (Mumbai), the daily grind is often a harsh reality. This two-part series looks at the incredible organization that is the Bombay Railway. From the story of India’s first female train driver to a homeless shoe-shine boy, explore the lives of the 1.6 million people who work on the railways and those whose lives depend on this railway system often described as the lifeline of India.

East is East

Ep 1
Watch December 20, 8:00pm
Ep 2
Watch December 27, 8:00pm
A train driver, an illegal hawker and a homeless child in the station reflect the dreams and struggles of the people of Mumbai. (1 of 2)
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Wed Dec 20, 8:00pm
Thu Dec 21, 12:00am
Workers on the railway include a clerk who is an aspiring Bollywood actor, an ambitious chef and the railroad's first fully qualified female driver. (2 of 2)
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Wed Dec 27, 8:00pm
Thu Dec 28, 12:00am