Britain's Bloodiest Dynasty: The Plantagenets |
Britain's Bloodiest Dynasty: The Plantagenets
Ep: 3 "Edward II: Revenge"
Murder, betrayal, tyranny… this is the real Game of Thrones. Out of the chaos, darkness and violence of the Middle Ages, one family rose to seize control of England, ruthlessly ruling the country for over three hundred years. It’s the true story of overbearing fathers, weak sons, treacherous allies, adulterous wives, and best friends turned mortal enemies. With power-obsessed rulers driven by jealousy, hatred and revenge, the Plantagenet dynasty is more shocking, brutal and astonishing than anything you’ll find in fiction.


Ep 1
Henry II: Betrayal
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Ep 2
Henry III: Hatred
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Ep 3
Edward II: Revenge
Watch Until October 28, 2:00am
Ep 4
Richard II: Tyranny
Watch Until November 4, 2:00am
Henry II: Betrayal
Historian Dan Jones opens this vividly realized docu-drama series with the first king of the Plantagenets dynasty, Henry II. A dashing and energetic warrior, Henry transformed England from a violent and lawless state into the heart of an empire. (1 of 4)
Henry III: Hatred
Dan Jones tells the story of King Henry III, his treacherous best friend Simon de Montfort and their bitter struggle for the soul of the nation. (2 of 4)
Edward II: Revenge
In a story of murder, intrigue, lust, betrayal and revenge, Dan Jones explores what turned Edward II's queen, Isabella of France, from a loyal young wife into a bloodthirsty matriarch. (3 of 4)
Richard II: Tyranny
Dan Jones tells the extraordinary story of Richard II, the boy king who grew up to become one of the most brutal tyrants in English history. (4 of 4)

Meet Dan Jones:
England's Edgiest Historian

British historian Dan Jones loves all the murderous mayhem of the medieval era – but he reserves a special place in his heart for the Plantagenets. The family rose to power in the 12th Century and fell late in the 15th. While in power they misbehaved plenty – backstabbing, cheating, hacking off heads, etc. – but, as Jones points out, they managed a feat of impressive accomplishments in the process.

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