Canada Over the Edge
Season 4: Ep: 1 "Baffin Island North"
Seen from above, an iceberg takes on a vastly different appearance. So does the rest of the country in Canada Over the Edge, with its bird's-eye view of stunning landscapes and endless horizons. This season, the series zooms in on the immense, unexplored regions of Northern Canada, where the boreal forest, barren plateaus and towering ice fields cover nearly four million square kilometres. From Sirmilik National Park on Baffin Island to the mountain ranges marking the borders of Yukon Territory, we'll behold the North's most incredible wonders, then touch down on land to discover stories of indigenous culture, early explorers and modern-day adventurers.
Ep 1
Baffin Island North
Watch Until April 25, 12:00pm
Ep 2
High Arctic
Watch March 28, 7:00pm
Ep 3
Northwest Passage
Watch April 4, 7:00pm
Ep 4
Coronation Gulf
Watch April 11, 7:00pm
Ep 5
Western Nunavut
Watch April 18, 7:00pm
Ep 6
Northwest Territories Arctic Coast
Watch April 25, 7:00pm
Ep 7
Mackenzie Delta
Watch May 2, 7:00pm
Ep 8
Beaufort Sea
Watch May 9, 7:00pm
Ep 9
Dempster Highway North
Watch May 16, 7:00pm
Ep 10
Dempster Highway South
Watch May 23, 7:00pm
Ep 11
Klondike Trail
Watch May 30, 7:00pm
Ep 12
Yukon Southern Frontier
Watch June 6, 7:00pm
Ep 13
Yukon Western Frontier
Watch June 13, 7:00pm
Baffin Island North
From high above Baffin Island, we reveal incredible Arctic wonders, from towering ice fields lining the waters of Eclipse Sound to the natural wonders of Sirmilik National Park.
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Sun Mar 26, 12:00pm
High Arctic
From the community of Arctic Bay, we round the northernmost point of Baffin Island on approach to the stunning waters of Admiralty Inlet and the polar desert community of Gjoa Haven.
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Tue Mar 28, 7:00pm
Tue Mar 28, 11:00pm
Wed Mar 29, 6:00pm
Sun Apr 2, 12:00pm
Northwest Passage
We explore the Nunavut community of Gjoa Haven, then head west on approach to the central Arctic hub of Cambridge Bay.
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Tue Apr 4, 7:00pm
Tue Apr 4, 11:00pm
Wed Apr 5, 6:00pm
Sun Apr 9, 12:00pm
Coronation Gulf
West of Cambridge Bay, we explore Nunavut’s remote northern waterways, from Dease Strait to Bathurst Inlet.
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Tue Apr 11, 7:00pm
Tue Apr 11, 11:00pm
Wed Apr 12, 6:00pm
Sun Apr 16, 12:00pm
Western Nunavut
The western Nunavut region is one of the most seldom-seen landscapes on Earth.
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Tue Apr 18, 7:00pm
Tue Apr 18, 11:00pm
Wed Apr 19, 6:00pm
Sun Apr 23, 12:00pm
Northwest Territories Arctic Coast
The northern mainland coast of the Northwest Territories is a stunning contrast in landscapes, from the Smoking Hills of Bathurst Peninsula to the Tuktoyaktuk Peninsula.
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Tue Apr 25, 7:00pm
Tue Apr 25, 11:00pm
Wed Apr 26, 6:00pm
Sun Apr 30, 12:00pm
Mackenzie Delta
From the small community of Tuktoyaktuk, we explore the Mackenzie River Delta, ending in Inuvik - the transportation and cultural hub of the region.
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Tue May 2, 7:00pm
Tue May 2, 11:00pm
Wed May 3, 6:00pm
Sun May 7, 12:00pm
Beaufort Sea
Heading west from the community of Inuvik, we begin a journey to the open waters of the Beaufort Sea.
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Tue May 9, 7:00pm
Tue May 9, 11:00pm
Wed May 10, 6:00pm
Sun May 14, 12:00pm
Dempster Highway North
Heading south from Inuvik, we embark on one of the world's great road trips as we follow the northern contours of the Dempster Highway.
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Tue May 16, 7:00pm
Tue May 16, 11:00pm
Wed May 17, 6:00pm
Sun May 21, 12:00pm
Dempster Highway South
Follow the Dempster Highway south over remote geological wonders to the Klondike River and Dawson City.
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Tue May 23, 7:00pm
Tue May 23, 11:00pm
Wed May 24, 6:00pm
Sun May 28, 12:00pm
Klondike Trail
From historic Dawson City, we head southeast, tracing a route that has become known as the Klondike Trail.
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Tue May 30, 7:00pm
Tue May 30, 11:00pm
Wed May 31, 6:00pm
Sun Jun 4, 12:00pm
Yukon Southern Frontier
We head into BC to Alaska and back again, exploring Carcross desert, Tatshenshini-Alsek Provincial Park, and the eastern edge of Kluane National Park.
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Tue Jun 6, 7:00pm
Tue Jun 6, 11:00pm
Wed Jun 7, 6:00pm
Sun Jun 11, 12:00pm
Yukon Western Frontier
From Whitehorse, we head west to the community of Haines Junction and the vast interior of Kluane National Park.
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Tue Jun 13, 7:00pm
Tue Jun 13, 11:00pm
Wed Jun 14, 6:00pm
Sun Jun 18, 12:00pm