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Duration: 27min
The rugged beauty of the Kootenays, with its snow-capped peaks, verdant valleys and shimmering lakes, has long lured those who dared to dream big and defy conventions. Drawn by the riches of the land and the promise of a better life, they carved out communities defined by resilience and an independent spirit. In Dreamers and Dissidents, Nelson filmmaker Amy Bohigian explores the region's history through the personal stories of individuals who have lived in the Kootenays over the past century. From war resisters to prisoners of war, hopeful immigrants to urban refugees, the film looks at why they chose to call this place "home."

Filmmaker Amy Bohigian on
Dreamers & Dissidents

How many sashes do you have in your closet? Filmmaker Amy Bohigian has at least one. It’s white, silk and printed with the words “Cultural Ambassador” in red cursive. Her mom made it for her after Amy was named Nelson’s Cultural Ambassador for 2014.

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