Fight Like Soldiers, Die Like Children |

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Fight Like Soldiers, Die Like Children
Watch Until May 25, 1:30am
Duration: 58min
When you’ve been to hell and back, how do you shake the memories? This question has haunted General Roméo Dallaire since 1994, when he was UN Force Commander during the Rwandan genocide. Dallaire has now found a reason to live: he's on a mission to end the use of child soldiers. The film, produced in association with Knowledge, follows Dallaire to some of the conflict frontlines of Africa - in the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan - as he meets with recently demobilized child soldiers and their commanders, one soldier to another. Will Dallaire succeed where others have failed? Or will he once again be forced to look on as the world turns away?



General Roméo Dallaire Won't Rest Until the World Quits Using Children to Fight Its Wars

In 2007, the general-cum-politician-cum-advocate founded The Roméo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative at Dalhousie University. He talked with us about solutions, apathy, Canadian hypocrisy – and the future of the child soldier industry.

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