Ep: 1 "Daughter of the Mountains"
This three-part series tells the story of one of the most extraordinary rivers in the world – the Ganges. The holy river lies at the very heart of Indian life, shaping its culture and beliefs. Beautifully filmed, the series' stunning images capture the Ganges' majestic scenery and rich diversity of life - in all its colour, richness and chaos.

East is East

Ep 1
Daughter of the Mountains
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Ep 2
River of Life
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Ep 3
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Daughter of the Mountains
This three-part series tells the story of the Ganges, providing a glimpse into the natural and spiritual worlds that swirl around India’s most sacred river. The journey begins high in the Himalayas, the source of the Ganges and one of the most breathtaking landscapes on Earth. (1 of 3)
River of Life
Beyond the mountains, the fast-flowing Ganges slows and spreads out over the plains of Northern India. Nourished by the sacred river's gift of life, this remarkable region has witnessed the rise of great civilizations and the evolution of the Hindu religion, but how has the wildlife of the plains adapted to survive this human-dominated world? (2 of 3)
As the Ganges nears the sea, it divides into the many channels of the delta. It is here where the locals share an uneasy existence alongside the unique animals of the Sundarbans Forest and the dangers of flooding. (3 of 3)