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Genius of the Ancient World
Ep: 1 "Buddha"
Within 100 years of each other, three of the greatest minds in history - Buddha, Socrates and Confucious - helped to define what it is to be human. Despite being separated by thousands of miles, they each tore apart old traditions and thrust people on the path towards a new age of reason. In this three-part series, historian Bettany Hughes travels to India, Greece and China to get inside the minds of these ancient philosophers and learn how they shaped modern thought across the world.


Ep 1
Watch Until May 12, 2:00am
Ep 2
Watch Until May 19, 2:00am
Ep 3
Watch April 25, 10:00pm
In this three-part series, historian Bettany Hughes investigates three giants of ancient philosophy. In this episode, she travels to India to investigate the revolutionary ideas of the Buddha. (1 of 3)
In Greece, Bettany Hughes is on the trail of the influential maverick thinker Socrates, who was executed for his beliefs. (2 of 3)
Bettany travels to China on the trail of Confucius, the great sage whose ideas have fundamentally shaped the country of his birth for around 2,500 years. (3 of 3)
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Wed Apr 25, 10:00pm
Thu Apr 26, 2:00am

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Delve into the philosophies of the three great minds featured in Genius of the Ancient World.

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