George Gently
Season 5: Ep: 1 "Gently Northern Soul"
Martin Shaw returns in four new episodes of George Gently, a series set in north-east England during the late 1960s as the social landscape is being shaken to its core. Passionate and committed to justice, Gently is an old-time copper in a rapidly changing world. Aided by his brash sidekick John Bacchus (Lee Ingleby) - a younger detective with a much different approach - Gently investigates devastating crimes against a backdrop of racial tension, class warfare and corruption. This season, the dark underbelly of society is revealed when two young girls are found dead, and the adopted child of a middle-class couple is kidnapped. As Gently’s past catches up with him, he finds himself powerless, unprotected and persecuted. He must confront his deepest fears and fight to the death…
Ep 1
Gently Northern Soul
Watch Until May 9, 12:00am
Ep 2
Gently With Class
Watch Until May 16, 12:00am
Ep 3
The Lost Child
Watch Until May 23, 12:00am
Ep 4
Gently in the Cathedral
Watch April 29, 9:00pm
Gently Northern Soul
Gently and Bacchus have their eyes opened to the consequences of racism when a young girl is murdered. (1 of 4)
Gently With Class
Gently and Bacchus investigate the death of a young girl found in a car owned by prominent local aristocrats. (2 of 4)
The Lost Child
When the adopted child of a middle-class couple is kidnapped, suspicion falls upon the baby's birth mother. (3 of 4)
Gently in the Cathedral
A vicious career criminal who Gently sent down years ago has been released, and he is determined to get revenge. (4 of 4)
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Sat Apr 29, 9:00pm
Sun Apr 30, 12:00am