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High Art of the Low Countries
Ep: 1 "Dream of Plenty"
Beyond the clichés of windmills and clogs, the Low Countries have given us some of world’s most compelling works of art, from the luminous detail of Rembrandt’s The Night Watch to Van Gogh’s vivid self-portraits. In this fascinating three-part series, Andrew Graham-Dixon explores the region’s influence on Western civilization through the rich story of its art, including the early Flemish paintings of Van Eyck and Bosch, the great Dutch masters, and forward-thinkers such as Mondrian and Magritte.


Ep 1
Dream of Plenty
Watch Until December 23, 1:00am
Ep 2
Boom and Bust
Watch November 29, 9:00pm
Ep 3
Daydreams and Nightmares
Watch December 6, 9:00pm
Dream of Plenty
Historian Andrew Graham-Dixon discovers how the art of Renaissance Flanders evolved from the craft of tapestries within the Duchy of Burgundy into a leading painting school. (1 of 3)
Boom and Bust
Andrew Graham-Dixon looks at how a period of economic boom led to the Dutch Golden Age of the 17th century. (2 of 3)
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Wed Nov 29, 9:00pm
Thu Nov 30, 1:00am
Daydreams and Nightmares
Explores how the Low Countries rose again to become a cultural leader in the modern age. (3 of 3)
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Wed Dec 6, 9:00pm
Thu Dec 7, 1:00am