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Hope for Wildlife

Hope for Wildlife

On Nova Scotia's rugged coast, Hope Swinimer's "Hope for Wildlife" organization nurses sick, injured, abandoned and lost animals back to health and returns them to their natural habitat.

Stealing Hope
Stealing Hope
Available on Feb 12

When a burglar busts down the rehab's door, Hope scrambles to save her education animals from freezing, as the...

Kit's the Name
Kit's the Name
Available on Feb 19

A family of foxes is threatened by human encroachment, and Hope must break her own rules to save them from being...

Fri Dec 6, 5:00am
S6 E2 You Otter Know
Sat Dec 7, 5:00am
S6 E3 Owl Be There
Sat Dec 7, 12:00pm
S8 E9 Hope 100
Sat Dec 7, 12:30pm
S8 E10 Hope the Matchmaker
Sun Dec 8, 5:00am
S6 E4 May is the New June
Mon Dec 9, 5:00am
S6 E5 Any Mom Will Do
Tue Dec 10, 5:00am
S6 E6 Brandi New
Wed Dec 11, 5:00am
S6 E7 Batten Down the Hatches
Thu Dec 12, 5:00am
S6 E8 Lodge and Order
Fri Dec 13, 5:00am
S6 E9 Nearest and Deerest
Sat Dec 14, 5:00am
S6 E10 Hatching, Catching and Patching Up
Sat Dec 14, 12:00pm
S8 E11 False Alarm
Sat Dec 14, 12:30pm
S8 E12 The First Fawn
Sun Dec 15, 5:00am
S6 E11 Breaking Ground
Mon Dec 16, 5:00am
S6 E12 Always Open
Tue Dec 17, 5:00am
S6 E13 Bat's All Folks
Wed Dec 18, 5:00am
S7 E1 Hope for Spring
Thu Dec 19, 5:00am
S7 E2 Meant For This Place
Fri Dec 20, 5:00am
S7 E3 Going It Alone
Sat Dec 21, 5:00am
S7 E4 Stepping Up
Sat Dec 21, 12:00pm
S8 E13 Raccoon Wacky
Sat Dec 21, 12:30pm
S8 E14 The First Skunk
Sun Dec 22, 5:00am
S7 E5 Early Bird
Mon Dec 23, 5:00am
S7 E6 Catch and Release
Tue Dec 24, 5:00am
S7 E7 Whatever It Takes
Wed Dec 25, 5:00am
S7 E8 Wing and a Prayer
Thu Dec 26, 5:00am
S7 E9 Axis Mundi
Fri Dec 27, 5:00am
S7 E10 Party Crasher
Sat Dec 28, 5:00am
S7 E11 Cat Out of the Bag
Sat Dec 28, 12:00pm
S8 E15 Orphans No More
Sat Dec 28, 12:30pm
S8 E16 Fox in the ER
Sun Dec 29, 5:00am
S7 E12 House and Home
Mon Dec 30, 5:00am
S7 E13 Aguas de Marco
Tue Dec 31, 5:00am
S1 E1 A New Hope
Wed Jan 1, 5:00am
S1 E2 Gala
Thu Jan 2, 5:00am
S1 E3 Outfoxed
Fri Jan 3, 5:00am
S1 E4 Chase the Seal
Sat Jan 4, 5:00am
S1 E5 Foxes in the Henhouse
Sat Jan 4, 12:00pm
S8 E17 Doug to the Rescue
Sat Jan 4, 12:30pm
S8 E18 Bob to the Rescue
Sun Jan 5, 5:00am
S1 E6 Ester the Moose
Mon Jan 6, 5:00am
S1 E7 Copper
Tue Jan 7, 5:00am
S1 E8 Outbreak: Part One
Wed Jan 8, 5:00am
S1 E9 Outbreak: Part Two
Thu Jan 9, 5:00am
S1 E10 A Bright Spot
Fri Jan 10, 5:00am
S1 E11 Saying Goodbye
Sat Jan 11, 5:00am
S1 E12 Open House
Sat Jan 11, 12:00pm
S8 E19 Bobcat Release
Sat Jan 11, 12:30pm
S8 E20 The Great Escape
Sun Jan 12, 5:00am
S1 E13 Deerly Beloved
Mon Jan 13, 5:00am
S2 E1 Hope Renewed
Tue Jan 14, 5:00am
S2 E2 Second Chances
Wed Jan 15, 5:00am
S2 E3 Chester and Wilson
Thu Jan 16, 5:00am
S2 E4 Deer Friends
Fri Jan 17, 5:00am
S2 E5 Murder of Crows
Sat Jan 18, 5:00am
S2 E6 Call of Duty
Sat Jan 18, 12:00pm
S8 E21 Finally Free
Sat Jan 18, 12:30pm
S8 E22 CPR
Sun Jan 19, 5:00am
S2 E7 I Like Turtles
Mon Jan 20, 5:00am
S2 E8 Of Beaks and Buckshot
Tue Jan 21, 5:00am
S2 E9 Wiley and Sly
Wed Jan 22, 5:00am
S2 E10 New Beginnings
Thu Jan 23, 5:00am
S2 E11 Wasn't That a Party?
Fri Jan 24, 5:00am
S2 E12 Hope's Notes
Sat Jan 25, 5:00am
S2 E13 Earl, Meet Ralph
Sat Jan 25, 12:00pm
S8 E23 Slick Situation
Sat Jan 25, 12:30pm
S8 E24 Garbage Day
Sun Jan 26, 5:00am
S3 E1 Hope Springs Eternal
Mon Jan 27, 5:00am
S3 E2 Bears
Tue Jan 28, 5:00am
S3 E3 First Fawns
Wed Jan 29, 5:00am
S3 E4 Saving Seals
Thu Jan 30, 5:00am
S3 E5 Unlikely Recruits
Fri Jan 31, 5:00am
S3 E6 Education & Inspiration
Sat Feb 1, 5:00am
S3 E7 Zoli
Sat Feb 1, 12:00pm
S8 E25 The Heavens Open
Sat Feb 1, 12:30pm
S8 E26 Fawns Find Freedom
Sun Feb 2, 5:00am
S3 E8 For the Birds
Mon Feb 3, 5:00am
S3 E9 Later Gator