The Inca: Masters of the Clouds |
The Inca: Masters of the Clouds
600 years ago, the Inca built an empire that stretched from the edge of the Pacific Ocean to the peaks of the Andes. In this fascinating two-part series, archaeologist Dr. Jago Cooper sifts through the evidence to discover how they did it, and why this mighty empire fell. Travelling from the highlands of Ecuador to the shores of Lake Titicaca, Jago visits ancient sites that reveal the secrets of the Inca empire. How they mastered their landscape to produce food for millions. How they exported their unique architectural style across the continent. How they built an astonishing network of roads to connect the cities of the empire. And how their encounter with the Spanish resulted in disaster…It’s a story of wealth, power, innovation and bloodshed, all happening in one of the toughest landscapes on the planet.


Ep 1
Watch February 28, 9:00pm
Ep 2
Clash of Empires
Watch March 7, 9:00pm
Archaeologist Dr. Jago Cooper travels through Peru and Ecuador to explore the origins, achievements and nature of the Inca Empire. (1 of 2)
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Wed Feb 28, 9:00pm
Thu Mar 1, 1:00am
Clash of Empires
Dr. Jago Cooper reveals how the strengths of the Inca Empire became factors in its rapid demise. (2 of 2)
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Wed Mar 7, 9:00pm
Thu Mar 8, 1:00am