India's Frontier Railways |
India's Frontier Railways
Ep: 1 "The Maitree Express"
This three-part series travels aboard the trains that cross the borders and reconnect families, cultures and history. There's the Maitree Express, the first train to run between Bangladesh and India in 37 years; the Nepal train, chugging a mere 20 miles between border towns and under constant threat of closure; and the Samjhauta Express, which despite three wars, traverses the uneasy route between Pakistan and India. On each of these trains, we meet the people whose jobs, history and life stories are intertwined with the railways. Among them are a former freedom fighter who now plays announcements on the Maitree, a single mother who smuggles goods on the Nepal line, and a Pakistani hockey queen travelling to a match in India. Through their stories, we discover the subcontinent's many perspectives.

East is East

Ep 1
The Maitree Express
Watch Until October 28, 12:00am
Ep 2
The Last Train in Nepal
Watch Until November 4, 12:00am
Ep 3
The Samjhauta Express
Watch Until November 11, 12:00am
The Maitree Express
Follows the stories of people who work, travel or depend on the Maitree Express, a train that connects India and Bangladesh. (1 of 3)
The Last Train in Nepal
The story of the last train in Nepal and the community and railway workers who are struggling every day to keep their train and their hopes alive. (2 of 3)
The Samjhauta Express
A look at life on the India-Pakistan cross-border train known as the Samjhauta Express. (3 of 3)

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