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The Island Diaries

The Island Diaries

Join host Sophie Fouron (from Waterfront Cities of the World) as she travels the globe to discover the unique lifestyles being lived out on islands.


After studying in the United States for many years, Si, a young chef from Phu Quoc, came back to the island to open...

Dory, an energetic English teacher living in Taipei, gets out of the city at least 5 times a week to hike in the...

Sat Dec 10, 1:00pm
S1 E4 Big Island - Hawaii
Mon Dec 12, 6:00pm
S1 E5 Channel Islands
Sat Dec 17, 1:00pm
S1 E5 Channel Islands
Mon Dec 19, 6:00pm
S1 E6 Cape Verde
Sat Dec 24, 1:00pm
S1 E6 Cape Verde
Mon Dec 26, 6:00pm
S1 E7 Okinawa
Sat Dec 31, 1:00pm
S1 E7 Okinawa
Mon Jan 2, 6:00pm
S1 E8 Cuba
Mon Jan 9, 6:00pm
S1 E9 Newfoundland
Mon Jan 16, 6:00pm
S1 E10 Crete
Mon Jan 23, 6:00pm
S1 E11 Bali
Mon Jan 30, 6:00pm
S1 E12 Montserrat