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Jimmy's Food Price Hike
Ep: 1 "Corn/Egg/Coffee"
With the cost of basic groceries increasing by as much 64 per cent in recent years, Jimmy Doherty sets out to discover the factors behind the rapid increase in grocery prices. From the price of oil affecting the cost of cornflakes to China's middle class affecting the cost of a ham sandwich, Jimmy reveals the surprising connection between world events and your dinner table.
Ep 1
Watch Until December 21, 8:00pm
Ep 2
Watch Until December 28, 8:00pm
Ep 3
Watch Until January 4, 8:00pm
Jimmy looks at the growing cost of breakfast and finds out why, in the future, the price of oil might drive up the price of your cornflakes, eggs, corn and coffee. (1 of 3)
Jimmy examines our shrinking chocolate bars and reveals how extreme weather in America is affecting the cost of a loaf of bread. (2 of 3)
With demand for salmon increasing around the world, Jimmy looks at new methods to keep salmon stocks healthy and sustainable. (3 of 3)

How trade has transformed our world

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