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The Life-Sized City
Discover the numerous ways cities around the globe are developing new ideas for urban life and what makes a city liveable, and vice-versa. Join host Mikael Colville-Andersen as he takes you from Medelllin to Tokyo, stopping at various cities in-between and looking at how culture, society and geography come together to make each city unique.
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Tel Aviv
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Long considered to be the murder capital of the world, Mikael hits the ground running in the former home of Pablo Escobar. Discover how the city is tackling its social problems head-on, and how modern innovations are transforming a city with dark past. (1 of 6)
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Wed Mar 7, 7:00pm
Thu Mar 8, 6:00pm
Thu Mar 8, 11:00pm
Sat Mar 10, 2:00pm
Beyond the cliches of the Eiffel Tower there is another Paris, one of solidarity, wittiness and redefined public space. Join Mikael as he explores the Paris of the people, the modernisation of this mythical city. (2 of 6)
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Wed Mar 14, 7:00pm
Thu Mar 15, 6:00pm
Thu Mar 15, 11:00pm
Sat Mar 17, 2:00pm
Once stuck with a reputation for being straight, stuck-up and corporate, the City of Toronto has now become a magnet for all things cultural and artistic. Get the inside scoop on how Toronto turned it around as Mikael explores the innovations shaping Toronto's unique urban fingerprint. (3 of 6)
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Wed Mar 21, 7:00pm
Thu Mar 22, 6:00pm
Thu Mar 22, 11:00pm
Sat Mar 24, 2:00pm
Considered "The Capital of Gridlock", Bangkok's traffic is among the worst in the world, and the unstable political scene hasn't done much to help. Despite this, Mikael discovers citizens are fighting back with creativity and ingenuity as they take it upon themselves to improve transportation, reclaim public space and make the streets safer. (4 of 6)
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Wed Mar 28, 7:00pm
Thu Mar 29, 6:00pm
Thu Mar 29, 11:00pm
Sat Mar 31, 2:00pm
Tel Aviv
With a complex history of political, religious and cultural struggles, Tel Aviv also maintains a reptuation for being a laid-back and permissive party town. Mikael looks beyond the reputation to the citizens whose lives are affected by the struggles and stereotypes and how they're working to creating a more open, united and green city. (5 of 6)
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Wed Apr 4, 7:00pm
Thu Apr 5, 6:00pm
Thu Apr 5, 11:00pm
Sat Apr 7, 2:00pm
Home to 38 million people, the same as the entire country of Canada, Tokyo is a fascinating tale of urban development. Made up of countless pocket-sized slices of life, Mikael uncovers the ways citizens are making parts of this megacity their home. (6 of 6)
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Wed Apr 11, 7:00pm
Thu Apr 12, 6:00pm
Thu Apr 12, 11:00pm
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