Madagascar |
Ep: 1 "Island of Marvels"
Off the east coast of Africa is an island unlike any other, where a diversity of life evolved in splendid isolation. Madagascar is a land of huge baobab trees and spiny desert shrubs, of towering peaks and misty rainforests - each with its own peculiar set of animals and plants. Virtually everything is unfamiliar, and only found here. Sir David Attenborough narrates this revealing portrait of the fascinating, but fragile island and its bizarre inhabitants. The stars are the lemurs, including the cyanide-eating golden bamboo lemur, discovered only a few years ago, huge eyed mouse lemurs, and elusive white sifakas moving like ballerinas across the forest floor. Cannibalistic frogs, meat-eating plants, cryptic leaf-tailed geckos, tadpole-eating wasps, tunnel-digging chameleons and house-proud flycatchers are also caught on film, many for the first time.


Ep 1
Island of Marvels
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Ep 2
Lost Worlds
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Ep 3
Land of Heat and Dust
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Island of Marvels
The wilds of Madagascar are a long-isolated breeding ground for some of the world's most fascinating plant and animal species. (1 of 3)
Lost Worlds
We travel deep into Madagascar's most luxuriant landscape - the rainforests that cloak the island's eastern mountains. This little-known region is home to over half of Madagascar's unique species. (2 of 3)
Land of Heat and Dust
The animals and plants of the dry southern lands are stranger and more mysterious than on any other part of the island, and their strategies for surviving are extraordinary. (3 of 3)