Masters of the Pacific Coast
In this two-part documentary series, archaeologist Dr. Jago Cooper travels to the Pacific Northwest to tell the story of the Indigenous peoples who have lived here for over 10,000 years. Along the rugged, windswept coastline of what is now the Alaskan panhandle, British Columbia and Washington State, the Tlingit, Haida, Coast Salish and other nations mastered a tough environment to create unique, complex communities and art infused with meaning. They were very nearly wiped out - by foreign disease, oppression and theft of their lands - but were sustained by their rich culture and a deep connection to the environment, which endure to this day.
Ep 1
Watch June 1, 8:00pm
Ep 2
Watch June 8, 8:00pm
Archaeologist Dr. Jago Cooper reveals one of the most inspiring stories in human history, as he explores the extraordinary and resilient culture of the American Northwest. In this episode, he discovers how a complex society developed without agriculture. (1 of 2)
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Thu Jun 1, 8:00pm
Sat Jun 3, 5:00pm
Dr. Jago Cooper reveals how a cultural tradition that began over 10,000 years ago managed to survive against the odds. (2 of 2)
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Thu Jun 8, 8:00pm
Sat Jun 10, 5:00pm