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Medieval Lives
Ep: 1 "A Good Birth"
Historian and author Helen Castor explores how people in the Middle Ages handled life's most fundamental moments of transition: birth, marriage and death. Why was the male world of medicine of little help to women enduring the pain and danger of childbirth? Why were newly married couples “put to bed” by the priest on their wedding night? How did people, regardless of what part of society they belonged to, prepare for an eternity spent in heaven or hell? In seeking answers, Helen reveals how medieval people thought and what they believed in, and shows how the teachings of the Catholic Church shaped daily existence across the whole of Western Europe.
Ep 1
A Good Birth
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Ep 2
A Good Marriage
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Ep 3
A Good Death
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A Good Birth
Historian Helen Castor reveals how the moment of labour and birth was a very dangerous time for a medieval woman. (1 of 3)
A Good Marriage
Helen Castor reveals how the Catholic Church tried to control marriage from the 12th century onwards. (2 of 3)
A Good Death
Helen Castor reveals how being remembered shaped not only the worship of the people of the Middle Ages but the very buildings and funding of the medieval Church itself. (3 of 3)