Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
Season 3
The fabulous Miss Phryne Fisher is back! Looking as stylish as ever and packing her favourite accessory - a pearl-handled revolver that fits nicely in an evening bag - Phryne once again finds herself in unusual circumstances as she matches wits with Melbourne's most devious criminals. The third season of the hit series brings back all of the cast members and delves into Phryne's closet for a surprise or two - not only the stunning 1920s fashions that she wears so well, but of the family skeleton variety. Long-buried secrets come to light with her father's unexpected arrival - in trouble and in need of cash - unravels.
Ep 1
Death Defying Acts
Watch October 30, 8:00pm
Death Defying Acts
When the unfortunate assistant in a magic show is beheaded on stage, Jack and Phryne's investigation unravels a secret murder in the past. Phryne's estranged father makes a surprise visit. (1 of 8)
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Fri Oct 30, 8:00pm
Sat Oct 31, 12:00am
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